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  • Who is Laura?

    Your LA-Based, Midwestern, Research Consultant

    It's not about you or me, it's about the consumer // their needs // their wants // their core values. That is what drives and maintains loyalty.


    I live in the world of // who? // where? // when? // how? // and most importantly, WHY? If you don't understand how your customer thinks, they won't stick around.


    My expertise is in // focus groups and small talks // in-depth interviews // in-home use tests // usability // quantitative research // online boards.


    My research background is with // Target // Starbucks // Disney // Mars // Estee Lauder // Del Monte // Kohl's // ...and beyond.


    I am candid // direct // spirited // Mid-western at heart. Let's get started.

  • What are Laura's Specialties?

    Just a small sampling of the types of projects we can work on together!

    New Product Launches

    As the research expert of Product Launch Hazzards, I help people just like you create a research plan that will lead them through the murky waters of inventing, creating, distributing, selling, and ultimately, building a brand.


    Ask me about a discount to join PLH!

    Satisfaction Tracking

    So you have sales? That's great! Don't stop there! It's critical you continue to monitor that happiness levels of your customers, avoid bad reviews, and maintain brand loyalty.


    It's important to hear direct from the consumer, to understand their motivations, needs, and desires. I will craft a discussion guide and moderate your focus group, in-depth interview, video chat, and beyond!

  • Investment

    Most common services and pricing.

    Quant Services

    SURVEY CREATION - Ready to start researching? Be sure you ask the right questions. Laura will create an online survey with up to 15 questions (including demographics) ready for you to input online and send to respondents. ($750)


    SATISFACTION TRACKING – Once the product is purchased, follow up to get feedback from customers to understand ways to improve and avoid bad reviews. Includes setup of study, and ongoing reporting of satisfaction of your brand & product. Minimum of 3 month commitment required. ($900/month)


    REPORTING - Already have the data and not sure how to interpret? Laura will analyze and create a story-driven, PowerPoint presentation with the results! ($750)


    IN-HOME USE TEST - Send your prototype to homes for consumers to use and provide feedback before it hits the market. Includes brainstorm sessions, survey writing, managing data collection, and reporting. ($2500+)


    ONLINE SURVEY STUDY - This a start-to-finish quantitative research study, used for development and branding purposes. Includes a brainstorm session, survey writing, managing data collection, and creation of a story-driven, beautifully designed PowerPoint presentation. ($3500+)

    Qual Services

    DISCUSSION GUIDE CREATION - Be sure your questions are not biased and you are getting emotional responses from your customers. Includes a brainstorm session and discussion guide writing for a qualitative interview or group that lasts up to two hours. ($650)


    MODERATING - Up to 12 hours of moderating focus groups, small chats, or individual interviews. ($1500 per day plus travel)

    Don't know where to start? Let's talk first.

    HOURLY CONSULTING - Let’s jump on a call or video chat and discuss your research needs. Please inquire about an

    in-person work session. ($150/hr.)

    The fine print.

    Prices listed are consulting estimates based on my experience with past clients. The prices do not include the cost of data collection, recruiting, or incentives. Each study is customized to your unique needs. Please inquire to receive a full quote based on scope of work.

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